World’s Largest Printed Aluminum Cylinder Made With MELD® Process

Another milestone for large part manufacturing was reached at MELD Manufacturing Corporation.  The company demonstrated the scalability of the open-air MELD process by printing a ten-foot (3.05 meter) diameter cylinder using off the shelf aluminum.  The size of the component is a milestone for the company and for the metal additive manufacturing industry as a whole.

“There is no other technology that offers this ability to scale,” stated MELD Manufacturing Corporation CEO Nanci Hardwick.

The MELD process continues to gain international users across industries because it allows the use of off the shelf metals in solid or powder form, creates fully dense parts, and operates in an open-air environment. The patented process for creating and repairing metal components is unique because it does not melt the metal. Not melting metal enables use of off the shelf metals not available to other 3D printing processes and facilitates wrought properties in printed material. MELD Manufacturing Corporation holds all patents and is the only manufacturer of MELD equipment. The company offers a line of machines for industry use, as well as parts and services.