New L3 Model MELD Machine Announced

L3 MELD machine able 3D print metal including titanium and aluminum in open air

A new machine model was announced today by MELD Manufacturing Corporation.  The L3 model MELD machine combines the modern aesthetics and features of the larger MELD K2 model at a reduced size and price point that may be more attractive to customers looking to enhance or expand their metal printing portfolio. The L3 machine has a build volume of…

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University of North Texas installs MELD metal additive manufacturing machine

B8 model MELD additive manufacturing machine

The University of North Texas (UNT) has invested in and installed a MELD metal additive manufacturing machine. The university’s new B8 model MELD machine will allow researchers in the Center for Agile and Adaptive Additive Manufacturing (CAAAM) to explore a variety of materials and use cases for metal additive manufacturing.  The use of existing alloys in materials such as…

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Deakin University Launches MELD Program

Deakin University's MELD machine

MELD Manufacturing Corporation and Deakin University in Victoria, Australia have formed an alliance to advance the science and application of the innovative solid-state metal additive manufacturing process. Deakin University has launched a research program centered on the MELD technology and has installed a MELD machine capable of processing a wide range of metals in open air.

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