New L3 Model MELD Machine Announced

A new machine model was announced today by MELD Manufacturing Corporation.  The L3 model MELD machine combines the modern aesthetics and features of the larger MELD K2 model at a reduced size and price point that may be more attractive to customers looking to enhance or expand their metal printing portfolio.

The L3 machine has a build volume of 14.2 cubic feet (.4 cubic meters) with a table size for fixturing parts that measures 51 inches by 23 inches (129.5 centimeters x 58.4 centimeters).  The L3 complements the product line which includes the B8 model with a 3 cubic foot build volume and the K2 machine with an 82 cubic foot build volume.

The open-air operation of the additive manufacturing machine makes it unique in simplified requirements for material, usability, and operating costs.   This simplicity extends to safety, only requiring standard manufacturing protective equipment.

The L3 model machine is the third product brought to market by the woman-owned business, still only in their third year as a company. “When we look at our customers and what they want to do with the technology it was clear that there needed to be a machine with a platform perfect for both part fabrication and repair. The L3 serves that need, offering a tremendous increase in production capability without requiring a larger footprint on the manufacturing floor” stated MELD Manufacturing Corporation Director of Technology Dr. Chase Cox.

The company recently announced the world’s largest printed aluminum cylinder with this highly scalable process. The process has been recognized with many awards, including international recognition as the most disruptive new technology by R&D100.   The patented process for creating and repairing metal components is unique because it does not melt the metal. Not melting metal enables use of off the shelf metals not available to other 3D printing processes and facilitates wrought properties in printed material. MELD Manufacturing Corporation holds all patents and is the only manufacturer of MELD equipment. The company offers a line of machines for industry use, as well as parts and services.