MELD Wins Top Edison Award for Clean Manufacturing

MELD Manufacturing Corporation’s patented MELD technology received the gold award for Clean Manufacturing. Founded in 1987, the Edison Awards recognizes excellence in design, innovation, marketing, and product/service development.

MELD is a unique technology for additive manufacturing, coating, joining, and repairing metals. Since MELD does not melt the material, it produces better-quality parts than other processes. It is also a fully-scalable technology thanks to open-atmosphere operation, allowing MELD to make larger parts than competitors.

“One of the great things about MELD is that, in addition to producing high-quality components, it runs much cleaner and produces less waste than other technologies,” said MELD Manufacturing Corporation CEO Nanci Hardwick. “Our machines don’t produce fumes and operate on much less power than the machines used for other additive processes. The ability to manufacture in ways that are better for the environment is more important than ever, so we’re thrilled to be recognized as a green technology.”