MELD Manufacturing Corporation wins People’s Choice Award at DOD Maintenance Symposium

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Mr. Morani presented MELD Manufacturing Corporation with the People’s Choice Award at the DOD Maintenance Symposium for the Maintenance Innovation Challenge in Spokane, Washington.  MELD was one of six finalists in the Maintenance Innovation Challenge. Finalists were selected from 80 award nominations by the Joint Technology Exchange Group (JTEG) which is made up of principals representing each Service. MELD CEO Ms. Hardwick presented an overview of defense and commercial maintenance and repair uses of the innovative MELD® process, including aluminum part printing and repair for the C-130J aircraft, repair of cast magnesium helicopter parts, and large ship components.  She highlighted the ability to use off the shelf metals and match part materials in repair, as well as the ability to repair very large parts in open air.  “What makes MELD a compelling asset for MRO is that the same machine can repair parts that are worn, cracked, or have ballistics damage and also print new parts. With its simplicity and ease of use it is a powerful tool,” stated Hardwick.

CEO Nanci Hardwick briefs DOD Maintenance Symposium members on MELD technology for maintenance and repair operations.

MELD Manufacturing Corporation recently conducted a training and use evaluation exercise in which soldiers were introduced to MELD equipment, trained, and successfully repaired or 3D printed parts in the same day.

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) announced “Based on the strength of presentation and applicability to critical maintenance and sustainment needs, NCMS Member MELD Manufacturing Corporation has taken the People’s Choice Award. Their submission, A Novel Solid-State Technology for Sustainment addresses the need for the warfighter to make critical repairs in the field or at sea. The MELD process is a solid–state additive technology enabling the repair of otherwise unrepairable assets due to the parts/component’s inherent material limitations.”