MELD Manufacturing Corporation Spins Off New Company

MELD Manufacturing Corporation has spun off a new business creating MELD PrintWorks Corporation.

MELD PrintWorks will utilize the MELD® 3D patented printing technology as an additive printing service addressing the needs of multiple industries who struggle to get forgings, castings, and other metal parts.  “Our customers need greater access to printed parts,” stated MELD Manufacturing Corporation CEO Nanci Hardwick. “Our MELD machine customers and prospects have universally stated a need to offer our technology as a service.  We have listened and responded by providing a dedicated resource in the MELD PrintWorks Corporation.  Given the constraints many industries are experiencing in sourcing forgings, castings, and raw materials in general, we are excited to support this transition of MELD printing technology to a production environment.”

MELD Manufacturing Corporation will continue its focus on delivery of technology through machines, training, and certification. MELD PrintWorks Corporation will have a singular focus on serving Customer demand for printed parts made with the transformative MELD technology. The new company is an independent organization with separate management and operating teams. The company has launched in a Virginia facility separate from the current MELD Manufacturing Corporation factory. Hardwick further said, “We spun out this company to provide a source for our many customers eager to have more access to MELD-printed parts. We feel it important to have a hard separation between MELD Manufacturing and MELD Printworks so that the goals and focus of each company can be prioritized.”

MELD Manufacturing Corporation is the inventor of the award-winning, patented MELD process for 3D printing metal. MELD machines are unlike any other 3D machines and in their own category of process type because they do not melt the metal being printed.  The thermo-mechanical MELD process creates enough flow in the material to combine it and create parts that otherwise appear to be forged. It’s versatile because it uses any metal. It’s simple and offers predictable results. It’s fast and able to print the largest parts. It’s unique in the ability to repair existing parts. 

MELD PrintWorks is a spin-off of MELD Manufacturing Corporation and will utilize the award-winning, patented MELD process to deliver 3D printed components for multiple industries in various alloys.