MELD Manufacturing CEO receives 2021 Business Leader Award

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Sharon Scott presented Nanci Hardwick with the 2021 Business Leader Award at Chamber headquarters in Virginia.  Scott stated “This is a fitting award given your vast business experience, innovation, and growth of your business. Your work is outstanding.”

MELD Manufacturing Corporation is the inventor of the award-winning, patented MELD® process for 3D printing metal. MELD machines are unlike any other 3D machines and in their own category of process type because they do not melt the metal being printed.  The thermo-mechanical MELD process creates enough flow in the material to combine it and create parts that otherwise appear to be forged. It’s versatile because it uses any metal. It’s simple and offers predictable results. It’s fast and able to print the largest parts. It’s unique in the ability to repair existing parts.