MELD Discovery and Development Program

Want to evaluate the technology that is taking the manufacturing world by storm first hand?  How about having our team and machines at your disposal to MELD the materials of your choice? Experience the MELD Discovery and Development Program, a five-day program hosted at and supported by MELD Manufacturing.

Step into the driver’s seat as you rent our team and machines to MELD the parts and materials that interest you. Our experts will be there to guide you along the way by offering assistance and advice as needed to maximize your results. This experience is ideal whether you simply want to assess the technology up close or are interested in having one week of access to a MELD machine to research and develop your own additive application. The MELD Discovery & Development Program can be customized to accommodate both your team and project.

What’s included:

  • MELD machine
  • MELD operator
  • MELD engineering support
  • Safety training
  • Dedicated project area and facilities for staff


  • MELD the parts and materials of your choice
  • Have direct access to the MELD team and a MELD machine
  • Work with us to customize the program to research and develop your own additive application
  • Assess the MELD technology up close

What Our Customers are Saying

This program is a great opportunity to be side by side with the MELD team, making real time decisions about the best way to proceed with an exploratory or development program.  Since we were right there, we made the most of every minute. It also gave us the opportunity to evaluate MELD in depth as we evaluated a machine purchase.

Want to learn more about the MELD Discovery and Development Program? Contact us here!