MELD CEO Nanci Hardwick and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Examine How MELD Impacts Overseas Supply Chain Issues

MELD CEO Nanci Hardwick joined Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Sen. Tim Kaine, and Rep. Gerry Connolly at an intimate gathering of Virginia entrepreneurs and representatives from Virginia colleges and universities who are focused on semiconductors, advanced manufacturing, IT solutions, robotics, and other emerging technologies. 

Hosted by the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation in Herndon, VA, the event highlighted big investments in “innovation and technology” by the Biden administration, including a $52 billion commitment to revitalizing domestic production of semiconductor chips crucial to the U.S. economy. “We have advanced an economic plan that finally puts innovation and technology at the forefront of our national agenda,” Yellen stated.1

Representing Virginia’s advanced manufacturing at the roundtable, Ms. Hardwick explained to Secretary Yellen how MELD’s additive manufacturing technology prints large metal parts from a wider variety of metals and at higher quality than any other 3D printing technology. She highlighted how MELD creates these parts without the supply chain delays and environmental damage caused by the overseas casting and forging plants that industry currently relies on. The Secretary and Senator Kaine were impacted by MELD’s powerful innovation and saw how critical this technology is to the “reshoring” of American manufacturing.

MELD will disrupt manufacturing and repair of metals to serve humanity with the power of 3D printing, on earth and in space. We will deliver reliable equipment using our award winning, patented technology to print in any metal, at unsurpassed speed, at any size, with forged properties.

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VIPC Event in Herndon, VA with Tim Kaine and Janet Yellen.