Custom Machines

The MELD CD-14 System enables users the ability to integrate the MELD deposition hardware and control system onto an existing machine platform. The MELD CD-14 System is comprised of a MELD CD-14 mounted assembly, Electrical Cabinet, and HMI.

Machine Specifications:

  • Table Size: n/a
  • Build Volume: n/a
  • Cubic Build Space: n/a
  • Overall Dimensions of Mounted Assembly: 32.2in x 29.2in x 83.8in
  • Typical Power in Operation: 10-20A
  • Build Material: Solid Metal Bar
  • Material Range: Wide Variety of Metals
  • Operation: Open Atmosphere

Unlike traditional processes, MELD is solid-state and yields fully-dense products with near-wrought properties, reduces distortion, and saves time and expense as compared to processes requiring secondary steps to achieve full density or improved properties. With high deposition rates, large parts can be fabricated rapidly for evaluation of new materials and new geometries.

MELD increases capability by allowing manufacture of functionally-graded multi-material parts or addition of material to non-weldable parts.

Machines can be customized to meet your size and geometry requirements.