MELD Manufacturing Corporation and Mazak MegaStir Corporation Announce Exclusive Supplier Agreement for Additive Friction Stir Deposition (AFSD) Tools and Tool Holders

MELD Manufacturing Corporation, the pioneering leader in Additive Friction Stir Deposition (AFSD) technology, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Mazak MegaStir Corporation, renowned for their expertise in friction stir welding tools. This collaboration will enable MELD to exclusively offer tools and tool holders specifically designed for the AFSD process, also known as Friction Stir Additive Manufacturing (FSAM)….

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MELD Selected for World’s Largest Metal Printer

From the US Army’s annual meeting in Washington, DC, MELD Manufacturing Corporation announces that MELD technology will be used to leverage 3D printing at an unprecedented size. Selected for the US Army’s Jointless Hull Program, the MELD technology will be used on two machines, the larger being able to print components that are 20 feet by 30 feet by…

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MELD Manufacturing CEO receives 2021 Business Leader Award

Sharon Scott presents the 2021 business leader award to MELD Manufacturing'sCEO

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Sharon Scott presented Nanci Hardwick with the 2021 Business Leader Award at Chamber headquarters in Virginia.  Scott stated “This is a fitting award given your vast business experience, innovation, and growth of your business. Your work is outstanding.” MELD Manufacturing Corporation is the inventor of the award-winning, patented MELD® process for 3D…

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Army Program Confirms that MELD® Printed Titanium Meets Requirements for Ti6-4 Forgings

MELD prints wrought forged titanium and Ti64

MELD Manufacturing Corporation, developer and provider of MELD 3D printing machines for metal, has released data confirming that the process produces titanium meeting the ASTM and AMS standard requirements for forged material, as printed. The data was generated through a program with the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), Army Research Laboratory (ARL), and the Advanced Manufacturing, Materials, and…

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NAVY awards $1.5M contract for MELD technology for metal printing and repair

MELD advanced manufacturing process allows for printing and repair of metal components, including castings and forgings or forged parts in any metal at the dock or on board.

MELD Manufacturing Corporation, developer and provider of MELD® 3D printing machines for metal, has been awarded a contract from the US Navy following success in demonstration of printing metals and parts of interest. The program supports the development of qualification data for MELD created parts which will guide naval use of MELD equipment. The contract includes the purchase of…

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3D in Metal selected for distribution of MELD® machines and services in Latin America

MELD Manufacturing Corporation announces a new distributor partnership with 3D in Metal. 3D in Metal serves the Spanish speaking countries in North, Central and South America from offices in Texas, USA and El Salvador. 3D in Metal is an additive manufacturing service bureau, equipment and software distributor and consulting company focused exclusively on metals for industrial applications. The company…

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AMRC installs first MELD® solid state metal additive manufacturing machine in Europe

additive manufacturing machine to print metal

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) has announced installation of a MELD metal additive manufacturing machine. The AMRC selected MELD’s newest model machine, the L3. The L3 model offers 14.2 cubic feet or .4 cubic meters with a table size for printing new or fixturing repair parts that measures 51 inches by 23 inches (129.5 centimeters x 58.4 centimeters). …

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RAM Engineering and Tooling selected for distribution of MELD® machines and services in the UK

MELD Manufacturing Corporation announces a new distributor partnership with RAM Engineering and Tooling LTD. RAM Engineering and Tooling LTD serves the United Kingdom from headquarters in Scotland. The company specializes in application driven, subtractive and additive manufacturing machinery and services. “RAM Engineering and Tooling LTD offers expert guidance based on the demands of the customer application and has outstanding…

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