MELD Manufacturing Corporation is an American technology company at the forefront of the metal additive manufacturing industry that holds over a dozen patents for the MELD technology and has been operating for over a decade. MELD has developed its technology as a game changer for manufacturing and the way we think about building, joining, coating, and repairing materials. MELD offers the possibility to rethink the limitations of your material and the potential to explore novel concepts for your application.

MELD Manufacturing Corporation offers 3D printing and hybrid machines for printing metal components using the MELD process, which is a patented revolutionary solid-state technology for additive manufacturing of metal parts without melting the metal. MELD’s purpose is to disrupt the manufacturing and repair of metals, both on Earth and in space, by harnessing the power of 3D printing. With our award-winning, patented technology, MELD Manufacturing aims to deliver reliable equipment that enables printing in any metal, at any size, and at unsurpassed speed, while maintaining forged properties. By pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing, MELD Manufacturing is dedicated to serving humanity and revolutionizing the way we create and repair metal components.

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