MELD’s mission is to disrupt manufacturing and repair of metals to serve humanity with the power of 3D printing, on Earth and in space by delivering reliable equipment using our award-winning, patented technology to print any metal at unsurpassed speed, at any size, with forged properties.

No Chambers. No powder beds. One of the greatest things about a no-melt additive process for metals is that it is capable of making large parts. Two things make this possible: open-atmosphere operation and scalable equipment.

Since there is no melting in MELD, we’re able to create better, stronger parts. MELD created products are printed fully dense, meaning there are no voids in the deposited material. MELD also offers a 20% saving in material cost over a forging.

High material throughput is one of the greatest advantages of MELD. Our machines can deposit a wide array of metals at rates that are unmatched by any other metal additive process thanks to their large size. This results in a 30% reduction in machine time and a 15% savings in programming time.

The MELD process has been demonstrated using the following alloys:
– Aluminum
– Titanium
– Copper
– Some metal matrix composites
– Magnesium
– Nickel
– Steel

MELD is the first process to give you the power to build 3D parts in the solid state. No melting means you can make products that rival or beat parts made with traditional subtractive machining.

MELD repairs can be performed locally where needed to eliminate damage, wear, cracks, pitting, and any other situation where material needs to be added, replaced, or improved.

MELD can be used to add features, such as attachment points, rib stiffeners, flanges, and features that may not be easily added in a casting or extrusion operation.

MELD offers a unique solution for joining a wide range of metals with little to no distortion.

The MELD process can be used to create custom blends of mechanically-alloyed materials and MMCs.

MELD is an excellent choice for coatings. It creates a metallurgical bond between the coating and the part that is so powerful, it can’t be broken even under extreme stress.